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Digging Up Bones.

We’re exhuming things that are better left alone. We as a culture are digging up the bones of the excess and debauchery of past generations, dressing them in find clothes, and calling them freedom. Our culture is growingly more and more post-Christian. Our young people have no grounding in the knowledge of the scriptures and yet we are asking them to go out into a hostile world whether it be the military, secular universities or Christian universities, it hardly seems to make a difference where they go. More and more people are rejecting Church membership and weekly church attendance has dropped. People identify as spiritual but not religious or they call themselves Jesus followers instead of Christians.

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Words are Violent.

Words are Violent.

I recently read an article in which Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro listed things that he had learned after having spoken at Cal-Berkeley. Many of the students and surrounding community came in force against him being invited to speak at the University. Shapiro, an Orthodox Jewish man, was called a nazi, a “supposed jew”, a white supremacist, and a racist. In response to some of these statements and others, particularly ones about microaggressions and speech being violent, Shapiro said in response “No, Speech isn’t violence.”1 In one sense I agree with him, and in another I wonder if the attitudes of both sides aren’t dismissive. I agree with the sentiment that is intended, that being that the students and protesters shouldn’t seek to shut down speech just because they disagree with it, but I also thought about the scriptures that talk about the power of words.

Cross Section Ep. 12

Christ as King and Priest in Zechariah 3.

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What is Love?

By: Daniel Shultz

            Baby don’t hurt me. A depth of information can be encapsulated in such simple a phrase. I often wonder what exactly it means to love? Of course many today talk about love as a feeling, but what does it mean to love? And does the Christian have the option to determine that on their own?
            The Scriptures say a lot about love including a phrase we all know, love your neighbor as yourself, but what does that actually mean? The truth is that many people will isolate that verse from the text of scripture and use it as a lens to read their own understandings into Christian ethics. If loving myself means tolerating my own sin then I can love others by tolerating the sin of others. If loving myself means ignoring God’s standards for our lives then I can ignore it when people violate those standards. However the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself” has a context in which it must be understood.

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By Daniel Shultz        
         Abortion is a blight on society. It is our celebrated national holocaust in which we as a culture revel in our sinful rebellion against the Image of God in our fellow human beings. This rebellion, done in the name of convenience, is nothing more than paganism by a God-hating, self-loathing, creatures who refuse to acknowledge their status as created beings subject to the laws of their creator. It is a sickening kind of moral degeneration that has lead to the mass slaughter of children, nearing 60 million, making the ancient Canaanites sacrificing children to Moloch look like Tolstoyan pacifists in comparison.  As a culture we have declared war on our own progeny.