Tuesday, January 31, 2017


By Daniel Shultz        
         Abortion is a blight on society. It is our celebrated national holocaust in which we as a culture revel in our sinful rebellion against the Image of God in our fellow human beings. This rebellion, done in the name of convenience, is nothing more than paganism by a God-hating, self-loathing, creatures who refuse to acknowledge their status as created beings subject to the laws of their creator. It is a sickening kind of moral degeneration that has lead to the mass slaughter of children, nearing 60 million, making the ancient Canaanites sacrificing children to Moloch look like Tolstoyan pacifists in comparison.  As a culture we have declared war on our own progeny.

Despite living in a world where the humanity of children is undeniable we continue our march to that statue of Moloch and place our children into the fire, thus proving that all the false moralistic refuse we spew is nothing more than an acrid, putrid, smoke screen for our true desire to make ourselves into little gods who determine our own destiny and are capable of governing ourselves. In the process of setting up our own corrupt kingdoms we expose that we, like the emperor, have no clothes, and an morality that we claim is merely theft from the very creator we are denying with our actions and words.
            Don’t buy into the “pro-life” argument that tries to convince you that abortion is wrong because you could have accidentally aborted the scientist who might have cured cancer. Judging the value of something by their utility is fascistic and reminiscent of Hitler and his fellow 20th century despots. Instead of using slogans like Planned Parenthood sells baby parts say: Abortion is Murder or Babies Are Murdered Here, because our country upholds murder as one of its most sacred rites and that is the root cause of the evil. And yes I mean rite, there is no doubting that in the form of religion practiced in the west. Abortion is as much a religious activity as sacrificing to Moloch was so long ago.
            The question of life is over, the advent of imaging technology and other scientific advancement destroyed any argument that abortion wasn’t murder, but this argument was never about science. This argument has been about the same thing from the very beginning, the right to murder your child. So when someone wants to argue that life isn’t life until some unknown period of gestation that determines “viability”, pray for them. Pray that God would open their eyes to the truth and that they might repent and find the mercy that we have so blessedly received. They stand under judgment as objects of wrath, and they must hear the Gospel of repentance and grace of forgiveness and mercy.
             The Gospel is the lone hope for true lasting change in the country. Legislation is good but the sinful heart rebels against righteous legislation. Standing by and voting every four years for the right candidate is worthless when lives are being extinguished daily around this country. It is time for those Christians who are pro-life in their hearts to be pro-life in their actions. It is time for those who believe the Gospel to preach it to the poor souls who are walking up to Moloch and placing their children in the fire.

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